Celebrate 90 Years of Magic with Mickey, The True Original, in this classic chess set featuring universally known and loved characters from Disney’s timeless franchise! Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck & Daisy Duck, Pete & Goofy, and more stand in familiar positions on the board for one player to overtake their opponent’s pieces making Disney Mickey The True Original Collector’s Chess Set fun to play for beginners and nostalgic for savvy folks!

Age 7+

2 Players


  • 1 Chess Board
  • 16 White Mickey chess pieces and 16 Black Mickey chess pieces:
    • Mickey(King)
    • Minnie (Queen)
    • Donald and Daisy (Bishops)
    • Pete and Goofy (Knights)
    • Pluto and Figaro (Rooks)
    • Chip and Dale (Pawns)
  • Rules

Disney - Mickey Mouse Original Collectors Chess Set